Established in 2013 the Sefton Sharks is the founding team of the Sefton Softball League.


It is also the team name that the Sefton Softball League plays under in National tournaments.  They will also represent the Sefton League in Manchester by playing in Division 2 for 2016.


Made up of mainly rookie players, coached by more experienced players this team is developing nicely and will form the backbone to the newer teams when they are ready to come onboard.

Sefton Sharks

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Captain : Stephen Shearer


Rob Algar

Dave MB

Claire Riley

Stephen Shearer

Sharon Alger

Paul Colton

Mish Ireland

Jeff Oc

Kate Shearer

Graeme Nickson

Sarah Nickson

Kaff Longfield

Phil Longfield

Lauren Bicknell

Stephen Woods