Sefton Softball League is a fun, co-ed slowpitch softball league for players across Sefton, Merseyside, Wirral and surrounding areas.


Softball is a recreational form of baseball, played by two teams of ten, with 5 men and 5 women making up a team. The teams take it in turns to bat and field.

The basics of Softball are very simple. A PITCHER pitches the ball to a BATTER who hits it and runs around as many bases as possible before the ball is retrieved and returned under control by the defensive team.


The aim of the game is to score more RUNS than the opposition and a run is scored when a player on the batting team advances around all three bases and back to the home base (called Home Plate) from where they started. Unless you hit the ball so far that you can run around all the bases before it’s returned (a Home Run), you’ll probably have to stop at one or more bases on your way around and wait for the next batter to hit the ball so you can advance further.

Meanwhile, the fielding team is trying to get batters and base runners OUT by catching the ball, stiking them out or tagging them out between bases. As soon as the fielding team manage to get three players on the batting team out, their innings is over and the two teams switch: The fielding team comes in to bat and the batting team goes out to the field.

An inning is completed when each team has batted, and a full game consists of seven innings. Players bat in order with men and women batting alternately). After the last batter in the order has hit, the first batter comes up again.

That's the basics covered, there's more for those who like a read click here however, why not just come and try?