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Crosby Vikings Retain the Sefton Softball League title

Crosby Vikings celebrate their third consecutive league title

Monday August 14th was a crunch date in the Sefton Softball League as leaders Vikings faced their last remaining challengers the St. Helen's Sabres in the first of two consecutive match ups that would decide the fate of the league title. Leaders Crosby Vikings needed to win one of their remaining two fixtures against the Sabres to secure their third title in as many years.

As usual, the Sabres started off well with their bats and gloves taking an 8-3 lead into the bottom of the 6th innings but a 7 run bat around turned the tables giving the reigning champions a 2 run lead going into the final inning. Two quick outs gave the impression that the Vikings had this one in the bag but 3 good hits later ended up with lead off hitter and captain Jack Scholes with an opportunity to blast open the title race, however, after a great line drive, a sliding catch from outfielder Andy Lott saw the Vikings secure the win with one game to go.

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