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Liverpool Softball Teams announced

The Liverpool Softball League returns to action on Monday May 20th at Childwall Sports Academy, Queens Drive, Liverpool, L15 6XZ.

Sadly, the St Helen's Sabres team has folded leaving 4 teams to contest the league this year with the intention of forming a 5th team during the season following our free rookie sessions.


The new team rosters have been announced as follows:

Crosby Vikings

Chris Jones (C) Matthew Green David Grice Nick Hulse David Allen Ray Bennet Peter CJ Mulin

Vicky Green Gemma Wallace Charlotte Green Amy Power


Sefton Sharks

Stephen Shearer (C) Liam Harris Lewis Cranny James Stevens Darren Shaw Dave MB Sean Miley Stephen Woods

Claire Riley Joicey Rosaria Sophie Brehany Lauren Ballingall


Southport Seagulls

Mike Connolly (C) Andy Lott James Tanner Stevie Kidd Carl Elmsley Richard Jameson Jack Scholes

Emma Lott Sophie Temple Tanya Basu Sam Foster Yolie Grace Anna-Morris Goldson


Formby Fins

Julie Lott (C) Jay Rayton Hayley Broadbent Vanessa Moore

Mike Hulme Daniel Johansson Dave Warren Andy Gardiner Matthew Thomas Daniel Frost Jordan Colton


The fixture list has been published and leaves room for 4 training weeks where only one fixture is scheduled. The two resting teams are invited to attend a free coaching session on that week with one of our level 2 qualified coaches.

Liverpool Softball League Fixtures 2019

Free rookie coaching sessions are provided from 6 - 7pm

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