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As of April 12th 2021, we are back.

We are back at Childwall Sports Academy and we can't wait to get back on the diamond again.

Its has been some 18 months since any real softball has been played, due to obvious reasons BUT WE ARE BACK

Sport may 'look' a little different with some social distancing etc in place but we fully believe that softball is a massively safe sport to play and enjoy.

As part of our return, we do ask that you complete the below link.

this just assists us in any potential track and trace that may (but hopefully never will) come in to play

Our focus is always on the health and safety of all participants.

We are welcoming and encourage people of any faith, race, sexual orientation or ability to come and try.

Instead of saying why,...ask why not.

All abilities catered for and all equipment provided

Because, this is a great sport to get involved with

Hope to see you all soon

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